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Tritt Realty offers homes that fit your family’s budget; nothing is one-size-fits-all. Once you find the right home, we handle everything, allowing you to focus on moving in.

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Why Tritt Realty?

The Tritt Realty Process
We have more than 20 years of experience with a time-tested process that makes renting, buying, or selling a home stress-free.

Monthly Payment
Making payments is easy, too. Our website has a convenient link in the navigation menu — just click and pay. It is that simple!

We Buy Houses
Sell to Tritt Realty, walk away with a lump sum of cash. And if you receive a better, written offer, LPI will cancel the contract — a written guarantee.

Apply Online
In the market to rent or enter a lease purchase? Search our listings and apply online from the listing page once you’ve made a decision.

Lease Structure
Tritt Realty has the know-how to streamline the lease-purchase process. Ready to commit? Start the conversation with one of our experts.

We Build Houses
With several home plans from which to choose, which home is right for you? That’s your choice — and Tritt Realty guarantees your satisfaction.

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