We Build Homes

Tritt Realty understands the dream of home ownership. From the standard of materials to the level of expertise, our passion for quality construction is evident throughout the project.

Mason Tritt

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Tony Tritt

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Cynthia Lohr

Real Estate Agent
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Mary Tritt

Managing Broker/Real Estate Agent
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Nancy McConnell

Associate Broker/Real Estate Agent
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We operate the brokerage and affiliated businesses – Tritt Realty Property Management – from our commercial building in the heart of Carrollton, Ga.

Additionally, through our affiliates, we can:
• build custom homes,
• remodel existing dwellings,
• buy your house for a fair price.

Tritt Realty expertly represents buyers and/or sellers with a team that allows a seamless transition from contract to closing.

Builders always talk about “quality,” but few can explain what they mean to their new home clients. This should not be a mystery; construction quality is easy to see when you know what to look for. Tritt Realty takes pride in creating high-quality homes and ensuring that our homebuyers experience quality and understand its difference.

But the true test of quality construction is occupancy. New homeowners will understand what we mean by quality after living in their homes for a while. How our homes stand the test of time, and the rigor of everyday living is a testament to the quality we strive to achieve from the foundation to the rooftop.



102 Bankhead Hwy.
Carrollton, GA 30117